Faculty & Staff

Many of our Crop and Soil Sciences department faculty and staff have submitted messages for you, our graduates.  We are honored to have been a part of your academic path and thrilled with your achievements.

But this isn’t goodbye. Let’s stay in touch so that we can watch where your path leads and how you will grow the future!

Dr. Jeff Mullahey

Department Head

Dr. Deanna Osmond

Associate Department Head & Department Extension Leader

Man in grey suit

Dr. Mike Mullen

Director of Soil Science Graduate Programs

Soil Science, 1987 (PhD)

Dr. Charles Peacock

Director of Crop Science Graduate Programs

Dr. David Crouse

Director of Undergraduate Programs

Soil Science, 1993 (MS)
Soil Science, 1996 (PhD)

Dr. Steve Broome

Professor of Coastal Zone Restoration

Soil Science, 1967 (BS) 
Soil Science, 1969 (MS)
Soil Science, 1973 (PhD)

Dr. Richard Cooper

Professor of Turfgrass Science

Dr. Keith Edmisten

Professor of Crop and Soil Science

Dr. Josh Heitman

Professor of Soil Physics & Hydrology

Dr. Amy Johnson

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Institute

Dr. Ramon Leon

Assistant Professor of Weed Biology and Ecology

Dr. Susana Milla-Lewis

Associate Professor of Turfgrass Breeding & Genetics

Dr. Bob Patterson

Professor of Crop Science

Soil Science, 1961 (BS)
Soil Science, 1963 (MS)

Dr. Matthew Ricker

Assistant Professor of Pedology & Land Use

Dr. Michelle Schroeder-Moreno

Professor of Agroecology

Dr. Lori Unruh-Snyder

Associate Professor of International Agriculture

Crop Science, 2003 (PhD)

Drs. Rachel and Matthew Vann

Assistant Professor & Soybean Extension Specialist

Crop Science, 2015 (MS)
Crop Science, 2017 (PhD)

Assistant Professor of Tobacco Production & Management

Crop Science, 2011 (MS)
Crop Science, 2015 (PhD)

Dr. Michael Vepraskas

Professor of Wetland Soils and Pedology

Marilyn Davis

Housekeeping, Williams Hall

Brittany DesLauriers

Undergraduate Programs Specialist

Kathy Kelly

Executive Assistant