Spring 2020

Bachelor of Science – Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
Garlan Miles

Bachelor of Science – Crop and Soil Sciences
Kyle Fahey
Destiny Tyson
Mark Watson

Bachelor of Science – Natural Resources
Mattie Frazier
Bryce Mericka

Bachelor of Science – Plant and Soil Sciences
Will Cartwright
Peyton Goodwin
Mikayla Graham
Jonathan Hardee
Kim Harrell
Andrew Myers
Matthew Myers
Zach Parker
Don Ross
Mason Shaw
Lindsey Tyson
John Uharriet
Caroline Williams

Bachelor of Science – Turfgrass Science
Chris Yoder


Master of Soil Science
April Maxwell
Ryan Sparhawk

Master of Science – Crop Science
Jessica Brown
Diego Gamero

Master of Science – Soil Science
Caitlyn Caudle

Doctor of Philosophy – Crop Science
Josh Henry
Theresa Piskackova

Doctor of Philosophy – Soil Science
Shaddy Alshraah
Najwa Alnsour