Yongwei Fu

Doctor of Philosophy – Soil Science

Thesis / Dissertation:  Using Sensors to Determine In Situ Porosity and Pore Size Distribution

Advisor: Joshua Heitman

Graduate Committee
Aziz Amoozegar
Brina Montoya
Chadi Sayde

Research Summary
Yongwei Fu’s research mainly focuses on correlation between soil transport properties (electrical, thermal and hydraulic conductivity). His research has the potential to in-situ determine the soil porosity and pore size distribution.

Publications and Presentations
Fu, Y., Tian, Z., Amoozegar, A., Heitman, J., 2019. Measuring dynamic changes of soil porosity during compaction. Soil Tillage Res. 193, 114–121.
Fu, Y., Lu, Y., Heitman, J., Ren, T., 2020. Root-induced changes in soil thermal and dielectric properties should not be ignored. Geoderma 370, 114352.
Fu, Y., Hortorn, R., Heitman, J., 2020. Estimation of soil water retention curves from soil bulk electrical conductivity and water content measurements. Soil Tillage Res (under review)

I plan to use my degree to:
I will continue to work with Dr. Heitman as a postdoc in our lab. After this, I will seek a faculty position when I come back to China.

What I enjoyed most about my experience in Crop and Soil Sciences at NC State was:
All the faculty members I ever worked with are very kindful and easygoing. Everyone in Dr. Heitman’s group is nice guys.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:
My parents, girlfriend and advisor.

Now that I have graduated, I’m most looking forward to:
Publishing more papers and finding a faculty position.


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Yongwei Fu