Logan Robinson

Bachelor of Science – Turfgrass Science

Advisor: Charles Peacock

I plan to use my degree to: 
I plan to play an integral role in the new generation of turf managers, I hope to find myself one day down the line being the head groundskeeper for a professional or college athletic field. Would love for it to be Carter Finley *wink wink* or anywhere in Florida.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at NC State was:
I was raised an NC State fan  and it was always my dream to attend NC State. The past three years have been some of the best years ever but what I enjoyed the most are the friends I’ve made through various events such as Saturday tailgates and Spring Break with Cru in Destin, Florida. If not for me attending NC State I never would’ve met my two best friends Josh and John.  What I enjoyed the most though were all the memories I made here at NC State whether it was a Braxton Beverly’s game winner against Clemson or putting off studying to watch Road House with John or Dumb and Dumber with Josh. I will never forget my experience at NC State, Go pack.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:
My family, friends, and the staff in the crop and soil science program. P.S. Thank you Dr. Crouse and Brittany DesLauris for always being there throughout my three years, you guys are the best.

Now that I have graduated, I’m most looking forward to:
No longer worrying about if I turned in an assignment or when the next one will be due.


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Logan Robinson