Jacob Barber

Bachelor of Science – Plant and Soil Sciences, Soil Science Concentration


Former Chronicler of Alpha Zeta Agriculture Honors Fraternity
Former New Members Educator of Grains of Time

Advisor: David Crouse

Scholarships Received:
Fike-Chapin Agronomy Club and Crop Science Incentive Award Scholarship
NC Ag Consultants

I plan to use my degree to: 
I plan to use my degree in the Consumer Horticulture Agent position in Bladen County. I hope to provide assistance to homeowners and to advise the Master Gardeners Association in order to spread awareness of horticulture and the opportunities it holds.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at NC State was:
What I enjoyed most about NC State were the people that I met as a student on campus and off campus. I met a diverse group of people in my classes as well as through the clubs and organizations that I joined. Those relationships I built and memories I made in Alpha Zeta Agriculture Honors Fraternity, Agronomy Club, Soil Judging, AgriLife Council, Grains of Time and Crop and Soil Science courses are strong and will last a lifetime.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:
While earning my degree, there were so many supporters that I am so thankful for. If I were to list every single one here, I would not be able to fit them all. My greatest supporters from home would be Mom, Dad, and both of my brothers. I am so thankful to have you all as a family and thankful to receive your support in all my endeavors. I would also like to thank my amazing girlfriend for supporting me in my coursework and work experience while in college. From CALS, I would like to recognize my Academic Advisor, Dr. David Crouse. He taught my first class, SSC 200, that I had taken here at NC State. He supported me in my academics and work experience and taught me that a little bit of organic matter can go a long way. He also encouraged me to rush Alpha Zeta and become a member of the Agronomy Club as well as an AgriLife Council Representative. I am grateful for his support. There have been many professors within the Crop and Soil Science Department as well as the Horticultural Science department that I have built relationships with that have supported me in labs and lectures. I am very grateful to them. Lastly, to my Brothers of Alpha Zeta. No matter what situation, whether it is in classes or off-campus, they have always been right there beside me. It was both an honor and a privilege to be part of something larger than myself serving Alpha Zeta.

Now that I have graduated, I’m most looking forward to:
Now that I have graduated, I’m most looking forward to putting my degree to some good use. I am looking forward to working for NC State University and still having those connections and using them to create a better future.


LinkedIn profile:  www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-barber-656393181


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Jacob Barber