Auston Dew

Bachelor of Science – Plant and Soil Sciences, Crop Production Concentration


Magna Cum Laude

David Crouse

Scholarships Received
James B. Weaver Jr. Crop Science Graduate Award Endowment
McLawhorn Crop Services
Bond Tobacco Scholarship

I plan to use my degree to:
I have accepted a position at Vick Family Farms in Wilson North Carolina as their assistant farm manager. Vick Family Farms specializes in sweet potato and tobacco production and operates a sweet potato packing facility. I hope to use my degree to further improve agronomic practices on the farm.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at NC State was:
I thoroughly enjoyed the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. As a student who started out in a different department, I can say that the family-like atmosphere within the department is very special. All of the professors and advisors that I have contact with in the department were always willing to help. I value my connections that I have with fellow students as well as professors more than anything. I have made some very good friends throughout my time at NC State. I have also made some connections with professors and extension staff that will be extremely valuable in my career. The people at NC State, especially in the Department of Crop and Soil Science, made my time at NC State unforgettable.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:
While earning my degree, my biggest supporters have been my parents, my girlfriend, my advisor, and many of my professors. I wouldn’t be where I am without these great people! At times college was very stressful, but I had a community of people at home and within the department that helped me along the way.

Now that I have graduated, I’m most looking forward to:
I am most looking forward to entering the workforce. I am very excited that my position will allow me to remain in contact with many of my professors as well as extension staff. I hope to always have a working relationship with the department. While I am sad that school is over, I know that I have gained the knowledge to do great things and improve agriculture in North Carolina.

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Auston Dew